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Weekly Photo Challenge (Object) The Glow Cube

The Glow Cube – Blue Bayou Restaurant – Disneyland

   I was with my daughter and grandson at Disneyland this December, having a late lunch at the Blue Bayou Restaurant and my grandson was fascinated with the glow cube from his mom’s drink, a Louisiana Lemonade! This object kept him occupied for quite a while which made our lunch more pleasant. The cube slowly changes colors, another factor that contributed to his being completely occupied by it.  This was my first time eating there as an adult. My parents brought us to Disneyland a few times when I was young and one of my memories from there was looking at the “fireflies” that were in the trees.  You can even here the chirping crickets and the croaking frogs.  I’m glad there are no buzzing mosquitos like you find here in Louisiana!  I don’t know how the menu compares now to how it was in the late 60’s. I do believe they have always offered the Monte Cristo sandwich. The Blue Bayou Restaurant is located in New Orleans Square.  The atmosphere is very romantic, the tables are located next to a bayou at twilight and you watch the boats from the Pirates of the Caribbean float by. This restaurant is very popular and usually advance reservations are needed.  We were lucky enough to get a same day reservation that morning!


Back to the Blog

Well, Zero to Hero is over.  I didn’t get all the assignments done, not only did I begin the challenge late but then I came down with shingles and I haven’t felt well enough to keep up. So even though it’s over I will try to complete some more of the tasks in the next couple weeks.  I’ve learned so much in the short amount of time I have been on here and I look forward to the next month.

Thanks for having the Zero to Hero challenge.  It did help me to get my blog started. I’m ready for February!

Today is the Day!!!

  My daughter and I have been looking forward to today for weeks.  It’s the day we get to make our fastpass+ selections for our upcoming trip to Walt Disney World. 🙂 What are fastpass+ selections? Well, the attractions that are the most popular have an option to get a fastpass.  This is a time that is given to the rider to return to the ride and be able to pass up the regular line.  Near the ride is a fastpass distribution area where you use your park ticket, put it in the fastpass ticket dispenser and out comes a slip with a time on it for you to return to the ride and enter the separate fastpass line.  This allows the guest to enjoy other areas of the park while they wait for their time to return. This is one my daughter had left over from her trip to Disneyland this summer.  Disney has updated their system and started the MyDisneyExperience website where you manage all your reservations, fastpass+ times, etc.  Image

So this morning we were like two little kids deciding which parks we would go to on what days and which rides we wanted for our fastpass+ selections.  They limit you to three selections per day. For Epcot they divide the selections into two groups where you are able to pick one from the first group and two from the second.  There is even an app for your phone which will (supposedly) allow you to change the time of your fastpass+ selection if your plans change. Disney has a video on youtube to demonstrate this:http://youtu.be/KHgJLAM4CNo  One feature of the system we do not like is that it limits you to selections in one park only.  We usually park hop so we are not fans of being limited to one park for fastpass+, but hopefully we will be able to obtain a fastpass at the second park on the day we are there.  To use your selections you are issued a MagicBand wristband to wear that is your park ticket, room key, fastpass+ and link to other plans and reservations. 

    This trip is just for my daughter (22 yrs)  and I to enjoy some time together. We have scheduled  a visit to the spa at the Grand Floridian and also an afternoon tea.  Some of the restaurants we have reservations at are the Be Our Guest Restaurant located in the Magic Kingdom, Narcoossee’s at the Grand Floridian and the California Grill on top the Contemporary Hotel to watch the fireworks while we eat.

   We will also be able to enjoy the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival which takes place from March 5 to May 18.  We have been to this event before but that was in May, right near the end of the festival and after a couple of months the topiaries and displays are not quite as lush as they were in March.  There will be plenty of photo opportunities!

  Our plans are set and we are so excited, we have selections made for every day we are there! Whew! Now………..we wait………

Weekend view

Weekend view

This Weekend’s View

Orange Beach, Alabama – This morning it was 31 degrees, rather chilly but it warmed up quickly. The water was calm this morning so we were able to watch a few school of dolphins feeding. This was taken at sunset on Thursday but we have been so busy cleaning this is the first chance I have had to post, so posting a photo fit better for me today. 🙂 Enjoy!

My New Element

   Kona Cafe is located at the Polynesian Hotel at Walt Disney World as indicated by this Google Map.  This was one of our usual stops among the restaurants we favor, but last year they changed their menu and removed the Tuna Oscar. That was a sad day, a very sad day indeed! One trip we actually ate there twice because we couldn’t get enough of it.  We not only go to Disney World to enjoy the theme parks but to also enjoy the culinary experiences.

Banana-Chocolate Crème Brûlée
Kilauea Torte

 These are two of our usual desserts, the Kilauea Torte and the Banana Chocolate Creme Brulee. Both are delicious and I recommend ordering the vanilla ice cream to accompany the Torte as the chocolate is very rich and the ice cream will complement it. I will post a photo of the Tuna Oscar in a day or so when I locate the photo. These two photos were taken in January 2009. Even the bread there is wonderful and served with macadamia nut butter, Yum!  I’m sure one day we will eat there again, if just for bread, butter and dessert!!!


My First Post!!

  A New Year, a new life!  I just “retired” from my 9-5 job and starting a blog was one of my new goals.  My current topics that I have in mind for this endeavor are these, not in any particular order: family, travel, Disney(because that is where I frequently travel) and photography.  I am hoping to connect with other people with one or more of these same interests and to become a part of the global community.  Hopefully by the end of the year I will have many new friends and acquantances and increase my knowledge in the process. I’m hoping it’s a fun and enjoyable year!