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Disneyland Diamond Celebration Paint the Night Parade!

I was able to attend the Paint the Night Parade this last May shortly after the Diamond Celebration started. If you go when the park is crowded you will need to find a place HOURS before the parade. So bring a blanket or towel to lay on the ground and have a seat. All ages will find this presentation delightful, even my 10 month old granddaughter was bouncing along with the music. Here is a video of the beginning to give you a taste of this spectacular parade.

I absolutely love all the lighting effects that are utilized. The colors are vibrant and beautiful and you will still be singing the music to yourself long after.

Mike - from Monsters, Inc.
Mike – from Monsters, Inc.

There are Pixar characters, including Monsters Inc,  Cars and Toy Story:

Version 2

The Disney princesses are included, Elsa and Anna are on a float of the Ice Castle:

Version 2


Belle has a beautiful float with her rose. There are petal shaped screens behind her that change with the music.

Version 2

Ariel has her float which is preceded by performers who are illuminated and resemble sea fans:

Version 2


All the performers do an amazing job and the lighting is gorgeous. If you plan on going to Disneyland during the celebration, make plans to include this in your schedule as this is a MUST DO parade!



Weekly Photo Challenge (Object) The Glow Cube

The Glow Cube – Blue Bayou Restaurant – Disneyland

   I was with my daughter and grandson at Disneyland this December, having a late lunch at the Blue Bayou Restaurant and my grandson was fascinated with the glow cube from his mom’s drink, a Louisiana Lemonade! This object kept him occupied for quite a while which made our lunch more pleasant. The cube slowly changes colors, another factor that contributed to his being completely occupied by it.  This was my first time eating there as an adult. My parents brought us to Disneyland a few times when I was young and one of my memories from there was looking at the “fireflies” that were in the trees.  You can even here the chirping crickets and the croaking frogs.  I’m glad there are no buzzing mosquitos like you find here in Louisiana!  I don’t know how the menu compares now to how it was in the late 60’s. I do believe they have always offered the Monte Cristo sandwich. The Blue Bayou Restaurant is located in New Orleans Square.  The atmosphere is very romantic, the tables are located next to a bayou at twilight and you watch the boats from the Pirates of the Caribbean float by. This restaurant is very popular and usually advance reservations are needed.  We were lucky enough to get a same day reservation that morning!