Weekly Photo Challenge (Object) The Glow Cube

The Glow Cube – Blue Bayou Restaurant – Disneyland

   I was with my daughter and grandson at Disneyland this December, having a late lunch at the Blue Bayou Restaurant and my grandson was fascinated with the glow cube from his mom’s drink, a Louisiana Lemonade! This object kept him occupied for quite a while which made our lunch more pleasant. The cube slowly changes colors, another factor that contributed to his being completely occupied by it.  This was my first time eating there as an adult. My parents brought us to Disneyland a few times when I was young and one of my memories from there was looking at the “fireflies” that were in the trees.  You can even here the chirping crickets and the croaking frogs.  I’m glad there are no buzzing mosquitos like you find here in Louisiana!  I don’t know how the menu compares now to how it was in the late 60’s. I do believe they have always offered the Monte Cristo sandwich. The Blue Bayou Restaurant is located in New Orleans Square.  The atmosphere is very romantic, the tables are located next to a bayou at twilight and you watch the boats from the Pirates of the Caribbean float by. This restaurant is very popular and usually advance reservations are needed.  We were lucky enough to get a same day reservation that morning!


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Well, Zero to Hero is over.  I didn’t get all the assignments done, not only did I begin the challenge late but then I came down with shingles and I haven’t felt well enough to keep up. So even though it’s over I will try to complete some more of the tasks in the next couple weeks.  I’ve learned so much in the short amount of time I have been on here and I look forward to the next month.

Thanks for having the Zero to Hero challenge.  It did help me to get my blog started. I’m ready for February!