My New Element

   Kona Cafe is located at the Polynesian Hotel at Walt Disney World as indicated by this Google Map.  This was one of our usual stops among the restaurants we favor, but last year they changed their menu and removed the Tuna Oscar. That was a sad day, a very sad day indeed! One trip we actually ate there twice because we couldn’t get enough of it.  We not only go to Disney World to enjoy the theme parks but to also enjoy the culinary experiences.

Banana-Chocolate Crème Brûlée
Kilauea Torte

 These are two of our usual desserts, the Kilauea Torte and the Banana Chocolate Creme Brulee. Both are delicious and I recommend ordering the vanilla ice cream to accompany the Torte as the chocolate is very rich and the ice cream will complement it. I will post a photo of the Tuna Oscar in a day or so when I locate the photo. These two photos were taken in January 2009. Even the bread there is wonderful and served with macadamia nut butter, Yum!  I’m sure one day we will eat there again, if just for bread, butter and dessert!!!


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